Fayetteville GOSC Routes 

The routes for the 2022 GOSC are the same as they were for 2020 with the addition of a 35 mile loop. This allows us to use our available resources to their best advantage.  There will be three loop routes of varying distances all starting from the Fayetteville town square.  This will allow most of the ride support, rest stops and SAG support to be centered in town.  


To further enhance and improve the GOSC, we are utilizing  "Ride With GPS" to maintain and make available our four routes for 2022.  Riders can opt to ride any or all loops, either once, or several times.  They can accumulate as many miles as they want, or as few as 7.5 miles. Rides will start at 8 AM  and we will support routes until 12:00 noon, at which time we sweep the loops and let every rider know that SAG support is no longer provided. Lunch will be served from 10:30 AM until 1 PM.

Click on the link below to view the Ride With GPS GOSC event and route maps: